Jul 20, 2014

How Uni Life Influeced Me So Far

keep munchin' them brownies! hahaa

With the first year done and all grades received, I can discuss what major lessons this year has learnt me.

1. I became a bit more feminist. Not in a bad way (I don't think there is a bad feminism, but I might be wrong). I just took into consideration some gender-related issues (both in music and life) and became more aware of gender inequalities. This must be influenced by my essay research on female punk rockers who were subverting the dominant imagery of a female in both everyday life and music.
And being a feminist doesn't mean being all-naturalist, men hating bra burner. That's a stereotype, dear readers. I am just aware of inequalities, especially when it comes to music industry when people presume you are less skilled just because you are a female.

2. My tutors are my friends. It does sound odd, but they actually want to get along with you. Some of them can be grumpy at some point, but, they are AWESOME.

3. Marmite. It is a love or hate thing. But marmite on a toast with butter and mature English cheddar cheese is a ticket to heaven. 

4. "You're the first European I met who drinks so much tea. You're not only good in English, but you're also good at being English" my ex-flatmate once told me. This explains it all.

5. Chips with salt and vinegar. Chippies in Falmouth are amazing! I don't understand how people cannot like chips with salt and vinegar!

6. Midnight trips to library are awesome. The library on campus works 24/7, so if I'm bored I can go to the library and read the most random books I can find.

7. CORNISH PASTIES. pasties, pasties, pasties!!! The best thing ever. 

8. Creativity and weirdness is good. Being creative, weird and different is AWESOME!! Though it makes you feel lonely sometimes...

9. My English language has improved. Quite a few people said that. Haven't noticed the improvement though.

10. Student halls will hold a special place in my heart. Yep, the nostalgia, 3am fire drills and general student'ness.

11. Stereotypes are true. Especially about Eastern Europeans. Vodka shots taste like water to me. Enough said. haha

12. Jacket potatoes. With cheese and beans. Cheese first, please.

13. I've actually did good at uni this year. Four firsts and two 2:1s. NICE

14. Hanging out with mates. Guys, to be more precise. Less drama and more fun. Love hanging out with guys. 

Feb 2, 2014

When Simona Is Bored

This how my newest soundcloud account is called. I decided to upload all the nonsenses I do whenever I'm bored, so that the world could embrace all the weirdness I make....

My newest weird creation - AutomatonAttack. I made it within 2 hours. I had an insomnia, was bored and didn't know what to do. So I opened my DAW software and made something that turned out to be this thing. I was so bored that I even made the picture...

Jan 29, 2014

End of the First Semester and its Results (so far)

the library building on campus

Yay! The first semester at uni has ended, all assessments are handed in; all I have now is the wait for the results.
This week is a reading week and the following one is a SONVA winter festival and we'll have loads of workshops and inductions that are mandatory. For the reading week we've been given some texts to read before the module starts after two weeks. These texts are basically about linguistics, semiotic language, signs and pre-symbolic meanings in the culture and art. Heavy stuff. Especially when my first language is not English, but it's the day number two and I'm already halfway through! YAY for me!!

I also had to write an essay 2500-3000 words long. If I get a good mark, I'll be MORE than glad!
Below I am sharing a song I had to mix for Creative Recording, Production and Performance module at the uni. We've been put into all female and all male bands (all female ones don't work... seriously) and we had to write one song, record and make our own version of the song with DAW (digital audio workstation) software and we write a supporting documentation (1000 words) about the creative use of technology ans the process of the song-writing. Mixing was hard as the girl whose vocals I used could not sing properly, so I had to split almost every word and make the lower notes sound louder. Tiring! But yeah, hopefully my tutors will like this.

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